My Faith Journey

I got saved at 18, a few months after coming to the United States. I got married at 21, had three children then the marriage broke up. I found myself divorced at 34 in need of a fresh start someplace else. My adoptive mom died in 2002, I got carjacked in 2003 so I sold my house in New Jersey brought a house and moved to Georgia in 2005.

I joined a church where people actually lifted up their hands in worship and even danced. Not long after that Juanita Bynum started a 6 am prayer service which I attended regularly. One day Prophetess Bynum could not make it and sent a man to lead the prayer. People began to leave but i stayed put. The man never introduced himself saying who he is is not important. He started giving out prophetic words. At one point he look in my direction and just summarized my life, I was still in denial until he mentioned the bridge and angel who stop me from jumping. Just like that I began to think maybe God did not fully hate me, little did i know I was going on a wild ride with my Maker. First stop Treashing Floor Revival where I recommitted my life to Jesus at one of Darlene Bishop’s session.

A week after the conference, I completed the new member’s class and received the baptism in The Holy Spirit. I was so excited I prayed even in my sleep so afraid it would stop. I began reading my bible and wrote questions to God in my journal. The television in my room was either on TBN or God TV, so the Lord would wake me up at all hours if they were talking about something  I had asked Him about. I recently had a chance to flip through that 2006 journal and laughed at myself for well over 30 minutes. I really did not know much.On the home front, I put in practice the sneak attacks that minister Sandy taught me after she witnessed my oldest son and I arguing in the church parking lot. I waited for them to fall asleep, anointed them with oil and decreed over them their identity in Christ. I took their worn out cloths and made a bed on the floor where I prayed and met with God,  it was my altar. Then I went on a 21 day fast and boom on the last day i had a dream/vision where The Lord gave me a glimpse of my calling then I woke with his last words vibrating deep inside me: “Be transparent”.

Stay tuned for part 2.



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I am Yves-Marie Galette, author of 'The Gift Twice Given'. I am also a nurse and an evangelist who is passionate about Jesus. My mission is to reach, the lost and fight for social justice.

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