I started praying crazy prayers in 2006 after I rededicated my life to Jesus and got baptized with The Holy Spirit. Prior to that I was just religious, went to church, sang in the choir but fell asleep every time I opened my bible. All that changed when I began praying crazy prayers under the direction of The Holy Spirit. Eg.” Lord make me into the woman you created me to be, let me be rooted in your love and this one Lord make me an extravagant giver.” I began to keep a journal and every year when I review my entries for the past year I could see what God spoke to me and what I actually learned that year. So, this is a recap of 2017.

I learned this year you cannot make anybody love you. They either do or don’t. God is the only one who loves unconditionally. As I wept over this I was given this prophetic word: “God has made you a mother, He’s sending you daughters from all over and some will be older than you.” I also learned you cannot choose your mentor, because God does that. He knits your heart and the mentor’s heart together so that it is a two-sided relationship. While you honor and obey as the student, they in turn correct and rebuke you. They do so out of  love for you and a desire to see you reach your  full potential not out of a sense of superiority. Boy how I wish I had known this a few years ago. I would have saved myself a lot of heartache. I left The Holy Spirit my God appointed mentor to run after mere mortals, can you see my error?  I since repented and invited Him to do a work in me. Now I am kind and friendly to all and I welcome the divine connections The Lord sends me, I don’t go looking for them.

I learned that delayed obedience is rebellion. I do what God says without trying to rationalize it, make sense of it. The opinions of men ceased to matter, only the fear of God matters to me. Whether it is in giving, posting a word on social media, speaking a word to a friend, I just do it. My prayer this season is: “Lord help me to walk in the fear of The Lord and the comfort of The Holy Spirit.” Men can only unfriend you or not like what you have to say but God is the Only One who can take your life and send you to hell, your choice. I have made mine.

I learned not to cry over relationships that are no longer in my life.   The bible says that: “iron sharpens iron; how can two walk together unless they agree?” Knowing that God is calling me higher, I bless all those who have been part of my journey so far and I trust God not only to never leave me nor forsake me but also to send the destiny helpers for the rest of the journey. In the end look only to God for affirmation. Know deep into your spirit that He is your Father who loves you and that you are a son or daughter with whom He is well pleased. My prayer for all is to have an encounter with the Father and get baptize in his love. You will then start seeing everything in a new light, just as i have.

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I am Yves-Marie Galette, author of 'The Gift Twice Given'. I am also a nurse and an evangelist who is passionate about Jesus. My mission is to reach, the lost and fight for social justice.

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