I am Thankful

I am thankful that I serve Jesus the One true God. He is The Lord, He does not change. He is the same yesterday today and forever (Malachi 3:6; Hebrews 13:8). I am thankful that I live in a country where I can worship Him in the open. I am thankful for an administration that proudly proclaim the name of Jesus.

I am thankful that Jesus is a faithful God. He speaks to his children, he answers prayers. He is a God of miracles. His Holy Spirit leads and guides his children. It does not matter what the enemy throws at you or what mistakes you’ve made, God will use it for your good in order for you to fulfill your calling ( Romans 8:28). I am thankful for the grace to trust Him, to keep my eyes on Him regardless of my circumstances.

I am thankful for my family. I am thankful that I serve a promise keeping God. He promised that me and my house shall be saved (Acts 16:31). That my children will be his disciples (Isaiah 54:13). I am thankful for daily provision and protection. I am thankful for the trials and tribulations because they have a purpose, that of purifying my heart (proverbs 16:3).

I am thankful that The Lord led me to my tribe. I am thankful for my pastors Tony and Jessica Kim, Brian and Kelly Gallaher, Eric Yun and the Renaissance family. I am thankful to be alive at such a time as this to be a part of a move of God that the earth has never seen before. So this Thanksgiving as you seat around the table with family and friends really thank God. Purpose in your heart to sincerely be thankful not just in words but in the attitude of your heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I am Yves-Marie Galette, author of 'The Gift Twice Given'. I am also a nurse and an evangelist who is passionate about Jesus. My mission is to reach, the lost and fight for social justice.

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